mb audio header connections / case front panel

I have a typical audio header on my mb.
The case I'm using has two 1/8 jacks on the front panel.
I want line in and mic to be accesable from the two front panel jacks.
As best as I can tell, the plug supplied with the case connects speaker and mic to the front (disabling speaker and mic on the back)

Is there some sort of conversion or connection cable that is available to make this ort of connection?

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  1. interesting to note: The manufacturers (biostar) statement is not clear
    Please note that once you reroute the audio output to the front of your case, the jacks on the rear of the motherboard will no longer function. This is by design. The front and rear audio ports cannot be used simultaneously.

    But still, I want line-in up front, (case connector is only 10 out of 14 header pins). Does someone sell just the connectors? maybe i could get a 4 pin connecctor and transfer the last 4 wires from the case audio connector.
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