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I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with buying a laptop with Linux already on it as opposed to Windows. I'm working with a Linux machine at the moment for a Networking class and it is getting me more and more interested in the idea of me switching fully over.

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  1. I had a long, drawn-out battle with Lenovo trying to get the machine without an OS or with a non-Windows OS, ultimately they beat me with a modified EULA that I just didn't have the will to pursue (there is no access to the EULA before purchasing the machine, and it states that if you disagree with the license you must follow the manufacturer's return policies, Lenovo's being any refunds are dependent upon the return of the entire laptop).

    I haven't had much luck getting Linux out-of-the-chute, but a great experience after swallowing the Microsoft Tax and setting up Linux on my own. I'll let others who have gotten pre-loaded (maybe from Dell) chime in with more pertinent info now...
  2. I don't have experience buying a laptop with Linux pre-installed (did a dual-boot with XP Pro myself), but if you decide to try there are several companies out there selling them.

    Dell offers a small number of models with Ubuntu pre-installed, including software for trouble-free DVD playback.
    I don't know if you're still paying the "Windows Tax" on these computers or not.

    System 76 sells laptops (and desktops, and servers) with Ubuntu installed by default, and hardware choices that should "just work."

    Linux Certified has a page for selling laptops with Linux installed and configured.

    You might also try any local computer stores (can't hurt to ask) or "this computer guy I know" types. I actually got my laptop through the "this computer guy I know who does computers and Linux" and had him guide me through the installation the first time.
  3. I have never ever bought a computer which have had Linux pre-installed.

    Getting an image file and burning it down and then doing an install is easy! And I know there is a possibility for certain distributions just to copy the whole installation from one machine directly to another machine and it is going to work just as good as it did with the first installation without doing anything else.
  4. For those not brave enough to install themselves Dell, Asus and a few others sell systems with Linux pre-installed. :)
  5. I think they come with a CD or DVD or something.

    Semper Fi :)
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