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i was recently given a computer for my grandson that is fairly new hardly used and is running windows me edition. the desktop icons are so big how can i reduce the size and i also found out that some of his games will not load
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  1. Try this:

    Right click on the empty desktop, then choose Properties.
    Click on the Settings tab.
    Click the Advanced button.
    On the General tab, look at the DPI setting. If it is set to Large Size choose Normal size. If is set to Normal size, then choose a custom size smaller than 96 DPI.
    Click on Apply. It may say you need to reboot.
  2. Or just increase the screen resolution.
  3. Quote:
    Or just increase the screen resolution.

    Yes, that is another option, but I would not recommend it for an LCD monitor.
  4. And where does it say LCD monitor in the OP's post? Actually, LCD monitors look best when the screen resolution is increased to the maximum of the monitor.
  5. Sorry, I read DECREASE resolution in my tired brain :sleep:
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