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So a buddy of mine likes to send me some japanese music from time to time, and the names of the files are in japanese characters. I used to be able to display those file names in the terminal under ubuntu but i can't do that yet in gentoo, what do i need to enable?

I also found out today that the automounting feature that comes with GNOME wasn't using the proper options to mount my ntfs partitions, so some of the files I had on there with weird names (like the japanese songs or even a song with an apostraphe in the name) would not show up at all! I added a line in my fstab to enable utf8 and now i can see those files, which is better, but it replaces any weird characters with all "???"s , so how do I make it so that the terminal and nautilus can display the names properly?

One last file name related question. When my buddy sends me pictures or text docs via pidgin, he puts spaces in the names, and sometimes they show up normally with spaces in their names, and other times instead of spaces there are %20s in the file name (making it REALLY hard to read, especially if there is a date in the file name). Also, on the occasions when i get a file that shows up with %20s instead of spaces in the name, pidgin at least displays the name properly. EX: My buddy sends me "web screenshot.jpg" and pidgin displays "your friend is offering you web screenshot.jpg" and when it gets to my machine, whether on the terminal or in nautilus I see "web%20screenshot.jpg". What is happening?

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  1. Did you compile everything with multi-byte character support?

    Are the Japanese fonts installed?

    GL :)
  2. hmmm, i don't remember whether or not I compiled everything w/ multibyte support. I probably didn't. It is odd, however that it couldn't display the name of a file with a ' in its name as I am pretty sure ' is on the ascii table. Anyways, I think what I will do is write a script to just fix the file names and change all the spaces and %20s to underscores, that way i won't have to worry about multibyte character support in the future if I have to reinstall and I can also polish up my sed/awk skills for replacing parts of file names ;)

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