Alternative to Ad-Aware?

I used to like Ad-Aware but since they changed their design, it's been nothing but trouble. I have difficulty updating and I have difficulty scanning. What alternatives would you recommend?

I also use AVG and Spybot. Are there any other anti-malware programs I should have?
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  1. ubiblue is good spyeraser, and what i do is use mafee free online virus scan for files. well your at it get the speedupmypc and registry booster
  2. Webroot Spy Sweeper with Windows Washer best Anti Spyware/ Adaware...

    And Windows Washer removes all your traces from all websites so you will be safe because your activity will be earsed.

    The above is Spy Sweeper and Windows Washer.
  3. Does anyone else wonder why do the same people always recommend the same NOT FREE software on every post, no matter what the person is looking for? Just curious...

    If you want other free alternatives to replace something free, here are a couple more that I have used for years...

    Avast Anti-Virus
    Spyware Blaster

    I also use/have used AVG, Ad-Aware, and Spybot, so you have those covered, and is why I'm replying with more free options.
  4. Spy Swepper is the best Anti Spyware/Adware...

    No matter if its free or not, compared to all other Anti spyware/adware products this comes in first all the time on charts that include free products. If you lookin for free products i enjoyed Ad-Aware free version, but Spybot was soo much better.
  5. Superantispyware there are 2 versions a free version and a pro version (pay) finds most of the hard to find rootkits/malware and removes it.

    I have tested this one extensively and find it to be safe.
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