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i need some video editing software in the semi pro-pro class for ubuntu there something that i can use?it wont be used for home mowies its for a friend of mine that is professional photographer and i do the editing job for him.

Please give me some sugestions.
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  1. If you're doing 3D, blender and K3D are great! and

    For video editing google Cinelerra, Open Movie Editor, Kino and PiTiVi

    How pro do you wanna get? Are you willing to pay for commercial software which runs on Linux?

    GL :)
  2. willing if it does not go over 200$.
  3. I'm sure you could use WINE with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements...

    Normally had for $100
  4. Have you had a look at the GIMP?
  5. hehe, are you suggesting he edit his video one frame at a time and stitch all the jpegs back together? ;) Seriously though, i didn't know GIMP could do video.

  6. It's can't that I know of. It was MAD_FanGirl mentioning photoshop eliments that threw me off the track. Kino is as understand the way to go on Linux.

    I looked at the WINE list and whilst I can see CS2 I cant see photoshop elements on the list so if you did want to do still frames or slides for use as part of the video GIMP might well be a better way to go.
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