uninstalling fraps o Vista

I've installed the demo version of fraps and it worked fine,
but then I've got the full version.
After uninstalling the demo and installing the full version it don't star.
I know the problem occurs, because I've installed the demo version first (i've tried to uninstall it completely deleting the registry keys (as it is said for XP), but on Vista it doesn't work...
Anyone have a clue??
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  1. Hi guys, yes I have the same problem. CAN ANYONE HELP?!!!!!!

    I'm running Vista Business 32bit.
    Can someone please list out (the idiots guide) the final, sure fire way to get rid of the fraps demo.

    Don't hold back on important step by step detail.

    Thank you.
  2. Come on, surely someone has the answer for this? Please
  3. Get the latest I have it running on my 64 bit vista
  4. That does not fix the problem.
  5. For this problem on XP you can fix it by, re-installing Windows then, install the full version. Don't install the demo again that's what causes this problem.
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