Excel 2007 Bug - Wrong Round up


Please check on the grey cell. It has to be in percentage. But when you adjust the decimal place, it will not round up. And anyone verify it?
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  1. I'd be surprised if anyone will download that file, downloading files is just too dangerous. I'd start with checking the formating of the cell, especially the numerical settings
  2. This a worksheet I am working on@ my walk place. Please take a look, there is no macro, jsut a few table and the round down problem bother me. Therefore, anyone please help
  3. I don't have Excel 2007 so someone else would have to check. Have you checked the numerical settings for the cell, e.g., how many decimal points you have?
  4. 2 or 3 d.p.
    you can use compatibility package, so that you can read 2007 format
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