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Hi everybody! I'm hoping so much someone could help me with this. The floppy disks that are made from Windows 98... you know the ones that are bootable... I would like to make a bootable CD from that floppy. I know sometimes that information can be made an ISO and then you can burn the CD.

I tried All Boot, but that's the original installation disks and I don't want that. Does someone know how to do this? I hope I hope... Thank you! :hello:
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  1. As ar as I know, a boot disk for any OS should work the same on floppy or CD but read the comments for complete information

    Creating Win 98 Boot Disk on CD?

    Making a Win98 bootdisk

    Popular ISO makers
  2. Just in case: the original W98 install Cd is bootable as is.

    Making any Cd bootable: inserting the image of a bootable diskette is one of the three standard methods (and the only three ones as far as I know). Any decent burning software proposes it.

    When imaging a diskette on a Cd, some original functions which want to write data on the diskette work less well, but the W98 and WMe boot diskettes accept that.
  3. "Nero Burning ROM" makes a bootable CD. It actually needs your floppy in it's drive to do it. After the CD is made you can boot with it and the CD drive ends up being drive A after the boot process.

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