X1950 AGP does not resume from S3 suspend

I'm having such a wonderful odyssey with my machine here.

* Asus K8N-E Deluxe, Bios Rev 1011
* AMD Athlon64 3200+
* PowerColor Radeon X1950 Pro AGP
* Catalyst 7.4
* Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Previously, I had no end of suspend/resume problems involving spinning the HDD's back up, because of the crummy BIOS version (1002). Flashing it took care of that problem, only to reveal another: now whenever I try to resume my machine from S3 suspend, it brings the video back up, sometimes only partially, then goes to black, forever. If I re-post the VGA BIOS, it never gets past showing the little text banner.

In the old 6.x version of catalyst that's on the install CD, it would actually bluescreen instead. Newer ones are the only ones that spin forever. Bootvis tells me it's explorer sucking up 99% CPU in HAL.DLL -- however, since the problem doesn't exist when I'm in VGA mode, and that the misbehavior changes with catalyst versions leads me to point the finger at ATI's drivers (isn't that a shock). I'm not inclined to blame the hardware -- it's rock solid up to trying to resume, and a dead duck after.

I've tried various BIOS settings involving ACPI (turning it off makes my system unbootable!) and such. S1 suspend works fine, but it's little better than just leaving the computer on.

Is there a catalyst version I can try that doesn't have this behavior, or something I can tweak to make it behave?
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  1. Turns out that S4 (hibernate) works fine, and I can wake it up with RTC (and hopefully even WOL, though that's not a must) so I'm giving up on S3 suspend. I've read too many horror stories about S3 problems (mostly involving USB) to want to keep messing with it.
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