HELP, dinosaur wont connect to the internet and i need drivers

so my lovely wife, against all my objections just bought a dell lattitude laptop with a P2 cpu, 128 MB ram and windows 98. Now i have never even seen anyting that didnt at least have a built in ethernet port and I am having one H$ll of a time trying to install drivers for the wireless pc card my friend gave me to try and help out.

I guess all ranting aside my question is "can i download the necessary driver to my pc and burn them to disk to install on her laptop and if so do i need to do anything different when downloading the drivers? if i can do this does anyone have a good link to set me in the right direction? if not does anyone have a workaround? I cant import anything from usb as win98 doesnt have the proper usb drivers and as mentioned before no ethernet port so direct connect to internet is out and i am about at my wits end
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    not sure if it helps, these are the drivers I have been trying to install, not entirely sure if I need to find a zipped version instead of the .exe file, or if this is the way to do it
  2. You can try to find the drivers with Laptop model number in Dell site.
    If you are not able to find any drivers, give us the model number, we will try our best!
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