How Low Can You Go?Entry Level XP PC! $161! Do the Limbo :>


Here are the rules.
1) Everything must come from NewEgg.
2) Nothing Refurbished - Availability too hit/miss.
3) Count Rebates. Dont count shipping.
4) Don't include the OS, but it should be able to "RUN" XP and perhaps "Notepad" :>

MB w/Video - $36
(Vista Certified - LOL!!!!)

CPU - $26 Sempron64 3000+

CPU Cooler - $4

Case w/450w Power Supply - $22

40Gb IDE Drive - $38

256MB DDR-400 Memory - $18

DVD - $17

Total - $161

Analysis: This system came in MUCH lower than I expected. Also, I could actually just pop in another $18 memory chip and it would actually be a usable system for checking your email, ebay and Yahoo.

In fact it would likely outperform a large percentage of the deployed corporate desktops which often have a 4 year life-cycle and are often not on the high-end to start.

Most of the PCs for a regional medical system I work with are 2.4Ghz Pentiums w/ 40gb drives and 512mb of RAM.

The new standard is higher, but the listed specs account for well over 1/2 of their systems.
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  1. Now this is just downright Nasty! :twisted:
  2. Yeah, maybe I should upgrade the PSU.

    PSU - $199

    Computer Less PSU - $157
    Upgraded PSU - $199
    System Total $356

    Who said you could not afford a good PSU in a budget system.
  3. Added for $4 and edited in orginal post :>
  4. according to the compatibility on that cpu cooler, it won't work for your cpu. Anyways, if you used 512mb ram like you were saying, it would be a decent setup.
  5. You can get an Intel system for $163.50

    Celeron D 331 Retail w/ HSF - $37

    Biostar MB w/ video - $40

    128MB DDR SDRAM $14.50

    Case w/450w Power Supply - $22

    40Gb IDE HDD - $38

    ASUS IDE CD-ROM - $12

    However, I can make a cheaper AMD system than you at $155.50

    Sempron 64 3000+ Retail w/ HSF -$29

    Foxconn MB w/ video - $40

    128MB DDR SDRAM $14.50

    Case w/450w Power Supply - $22

    40Gb IDE HDD - $38

    ASUS IDE CD-ROM - $12

    You can even add a floppy drive to the AMD system (the drive would probably access data faster than the system could handle it) for $5.50 and still match your price of $161.
  6. Quote:
    Added for $4 and edited in orginal post :>

    I hope you use some thermal paste to attach to cpu cause that dang mount is not compatible lol
  7. No worries,

    They will melt together in a minute or two :>
  8. My Bad :>

    I could just resist the upgrades of a DVD over a CD reader and the upgrade from 128->256MB but I should have :>

    Guess it's free spender in me.
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