I cant remember the name of this game

im looking for a computer-game that i cant remember the name of.

I think it was as early as MS DOS, or if it was windows 95/97.

You are this "guy", and you are walking around in a world that seems to be made out of "modelling clay". It seems you are left alone in this world, because you dont meet anyone in the game (atleast not in the start of the game, since i didnt finnish the game so i dont know).

In the beginning you have an encounter with a monster, and you try to eat an apple from a tree nearby,and then you lure the monsters and kills it.

I would say its a very speciall game, no background music and a lotof "alien" enviroment youre playing in.

this is all i can remember of the game
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  1. Call of duty? ;)
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