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Hi guys,
I recently started a home-based online job. I use internet explorer but I it gives a lot of error messages while surfing. I want a browser that provides more features and I wish to open multiple sites in a single window task. Can anyone help me with a suitable and powerful web browser?
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  1. Yeah! It’s a very old issue. Now me and many of my friends are all using Mozilla Firebox for surfing the net. It is a powerful web browser. It provides 101 features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. You just visit http://www.browsers-review.com and download it easily. Hope this will help you.
    Good luck!
  2. Quote:
    Mozilla Firebox

    Not to be smart-alec but don't you mean Firefox?
  3. Firebox FTW. Firefox 3.0 is out and is very nice. Also, Opera 9.5 is very fast and is a good one too. IE7 is weak sauce.
  4. I like firefox as well, also may try opera as someone said, and I think safari is out for windows as well. Try out those three and see what you think.
  5. Firefox 3 is a whole lot better than IE7
  6. Firefox or Opera 9.5 also k-meleon
  7. Internet explorer has to be one of the worst browsers you can use for reliability and developing. I'd recommend you make the upgrade to either Firefox and Safari. Not only are they built to better open standards, but they run faster and more efficiently than IE.

    They're also a lot less tainted by the toolbars and malware that tends to get stuck on to IE if you're not careful. I personally prefer Firefox as my browser of choice.
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