PC powers down when resuming from sleep mode

Hi I'd appreciate any help with this:

I regularly use the sleep button on my keyboard and have not had a problem until today. I would resume after hitting a key on my keyboard and it would wake up fine.

However, I noticed now once I resume, the monitor comes alive again but the OS begins to immediately shut down. So in actual fact I have to boot up again from cold and thus defeating the idea of putting it to sleep in the first place.

I haven't changed any settings the only thing that has changed lately is I installed a game. Though I have checked my power saving settings to see if anything was amiss.

The 'when I press the sleep button on my computer' is set to 'standby' and I even turned off the 'Enable Hibernation' check box but it still powers me down.

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I have exactly the same problem: I have always put my PC (WinXP Pro) into standby mode, either from the keyboard or from Start -> Shut down -> Standby. This stopped working about a month ago, so now I can never resume from I left?!

    The only reasonable things I found on the web was:
    1. BIOS options -> Power -> ACPI settings (enable and Suspend Type = S3)
    but unfortunately my AMI BIOS does not have any ACPI settings.
    2. Control Panel -> Power options -> "When I press the standby button..." = Standby
    though I cannot put my PC to standby (or at least cannot resume from standby) not only from the keyboard.

    Would appreciate any other suggestions.
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