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Adobe released a 64-bit alpha Linux version of its Flash Player 10 media software, and announced a partnership with ARM on an ARM11 version of Flash 10. Other Adobe news includes AIR 1.5 for Linux, upgraded media servers, and a new design tool called Flash Catalyst.

Nice little piece about all the latest goodies at Linux Devices.
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  1. Yup, about time too :)

    I'm sure flash still crashes firefox left and right though ;)
  2. Having spent some time on Windows of latel I can confirm that this is actually the first truly consistant cross platform feature of Flash.
  3. They are really getting better at writing cross-platform bugs then!

    I call that progress!

  4. I sure hope that the 64-bit Flash player is faster than the 32-bit one used with nspluginwrapper. The wrapped i386 version is ridiculously inefficient and slow.
  5. As it no longer has to call 32bit emulation it should be quite a bit faster.
  6. There is no emulation, 32bit and 64bit run in hardware, that's the beauty of AMD64 / x86_64 :)

    I believe there is a very small overhead caused by switching back and forth between 32bit and 64bit mode however.
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