Vista loading screen freeze.

When I power my cpu on, vista ultimate gets to the screen where the scrolling green dots are at the bottom of the screen. (typical windows loading screen). Anyways, the dots will be scrolling across just fine, then freeze out of nowhere and lock the entire cpu up. I have tried reinstalling the OS a few times, and also installed it fresh on a brand new Hard drive (I suspected maybe the HD was bad). No luck. I am trying to figure out whether this is a BIOS issue, Power suply issue, or maybe a bad cable somewhere. I'm completely frustrated at this point, and don't wanna spend tonsa money bringing it to some cpu repair shop.
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  1. IF you have 4 gigs or Ram perhaps that is the problem. Take 2 out restart and then update your Bios and any Vista patches.

    If you have a usb plugged in like external harddrive or USB portable mini take them out as it might try to boot from that.
  2. What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?
  3. Everything. Any one of those could cause problems... update your BIOS to eliminate that possibility; then work from there.
  4. aeguy, does this happen everytime you boot or sometimes. I have the same problem. But it only happens from a cold boot, after I restart it goes through. I replaced my memory, my PSU, updated Bios, updated all drivers to the latest, reinstalled windows and it still happens. Now I just live with it, but I'm still trying to figure it out.
  5. aeguy, What are your specs?
  6. I just recently started getting this same issue , I reboot in safe mode and it freezes there too, reboot again and all is well. I agree though the ram bios suggestion is way bunk. It's been working fine on the same config for about a year now. If anyone findz a soloution be sure too post it here, Meanwhile I'm on a mission to figure this out and I will update everyone if I find a fix.
  7. Fixed My solution was a loose Sata cabel
  8. I might mention I replaced it with a new one
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