Windows 2000 Login Loop and Inaccessible Boot Device BSOD

I have an old laptop running Windows 2000. I recently found a virus on the machine and cleaned it. After cleaning it and rebooting it was stuck in the login loop (even in Safe Mode). I attempted to boot from the Windows 2000 CD but receive a BSOD with an Inaccessible Boot Device Error (Code 0x0000007B). The laptop doesn't have an internal CD Drive so I'm booting from a USB CD Rom which I believe is causing the problem. The laptop also doesn't have a Floppy drive and I don't have one I can use either. Can anyone help with the login loop issue or the BSOD? I assume I can repair using the Win 2000 CD recover console if I can just get into it.

Also does anyone know of anyway to get into the registry without getting into windows? The laptop also isn't on network so I can't do it from another machine. The HD is also difficult to get to without taking apart the whole machine so that's not an option.

Any assistance would be great.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I only receive the error when booting from a USB CD-ROM to try to reinstall/repair windows. The laptop in question doesn't have an enternal CD-ROM and only has an external USB CD ROM drive. I'm able to boot to the CD and load the drivers but when starting windows I receive the BSOD.

    Last week I found a virus on this old windows 2000 laptop when caused a login loop after cleaning parts of the virus. I was able to resolve the login loop by using "ultimate boot CD" to make a registry change. Once that was resolved I cleaned the virus and all as good until the first reboot. On reboot Windows ran chkdsk (didn't have an option to stop it) and when complete Windows wouldn't load since it said PCI.sys was missing or corrupt. I used "ultimate boot CD" again to get to a DOS prompt and saw that the c:\winnt\system32\drivers directory was empty. I was able to copy the files from the dllcache and other directories and Windows loaded. The only issue is that when Windows loads I have no Keyboard, Mouse, USB, NIC, PCMCIA etc....

    I have access to the keyboard before windows loads and I'm able to boot to the USB CD Rom but I can't load windows to do a reinstall or repair because of the BSOD. I'm able to boot into "ultimate boot CD" but not all of the utilities work when they start to load the CD ROM. Some of the DOS tools do work though.

    Any ideas how I can get full access to the keyboard,mouse, USB, NIC and PCMCIA when windows loads without doing a reinstall? If I can get at the HD from another PC can I copy the Windows install CD to a directory or partition and install from that partition?
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