Clam AV, and good?

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has used CalmAV (Under Windows and Linux) and how good it's detection rate was?

I use a number of Windows and Linux based PC's and laptops, currently only the Windows machines have any anti-virus/anti-spy ware (mix of AVG and NOD32); after the recent problems with AVG I'm looking to dump it and (if possable) move to a single AV package, ClamAV cought my eye because it runs on both Windows and Linux and it's Open Source.
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  1. I used to give it the ocasional scan on my Linux systems and it was OK, on Vista I have no issues with it and it seems to have kept things clean. Certainly it's a hell of a product for the price!
  2. Thanks for the comments; I just looked at the WakiPedia page for Clam AV, they rate it's detection as poor... so it must be good!

    I was going to add Solaris10 to my OS list, but yesterday I uninstalled StarOffice in preperation to installing OpenOffice, now I can't get any internet access...
  3. Clam Av is cool and lightweight... not very effective, just like other AV products ;). None really work well apart from Norton (resource hog).
  4. Norton is dross! end of.

    NOD might be worth a look but clam does me fine.
  5. I prefer avast...
  6. hmmm... avast is pretty good at finding stuff (I like the boot time scanner it has), but the problem with it is that it seems to take FOREVER to start up, even on relatively modern hardware. It also seems to slow down the windows startup. So, when I fix people's computers I use avast to do a lot of the disinfecting, but when I set up a new install of winXP i like to use AVG Free/clamwin for AV and spybod/adaware for anti spyware, and it seems pretty effective for me at least. People can say what they will about ClamWin, but it saved my ass one time from a trojan that AVG didn't pick up, so I keep it around just in case.

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