Asus P5B Premium Vista Edition & Intel Q6600 running Hot

Urgent help is needed...I just built my PC and everything seems to be running well...however, I installed and ran the AI Suite v 1.01.23 and it says the CPU Temp is 43c and system Temp is 45c degrees. I can't run TAT. after installing TAT, it gives me some BS 'requires administrator password ' error, despite the fact that I AM the administrator. I installed Core Temp 0.95, and it gives me much higher temps: Tjunction of 100c; Core #0 of 58c, Core #1 of 57c, Core #1 of 56c, Core #2 of 54c, and Core #3 of 55c...THESE ARE ASTOUNDINGLY HIGH NUMBERS...this is my system component list:

I used the Asus P5B Premium Vista Edition Motherboard
inside a Silverstone CW-01 case

Intel Quad core Q6600

EVGA 8800GTX nVidia SLI graphics card with 768MB memory


PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad (Black) EPS12V 750W Continuous Power Supply

2 Fans: SilenX IXP-52-14 80mm Case Fan

The Silverstone case comes with two built-in fan in the rear of the case and has room for 2 optional fans toward the front of the case which I used the abovementioned SilenX fans to install. the built-in rear fans are connected to the power supply directly. The 2 fans in front (Silenx) are connected via a splitter cable to the CHA_FAN 1 pins on the motherboard.

Also, not sure if this helps or not, when I turn on the PC, the fans are running at MAX and the setting for the PC is at MAX performance in the AI Suite..I then have to run AI and bring it down to HIGH performance for the fans to quite down...but at this point when I check the temperatures, they are the extremely high temperatures I stated above...the case and cabling seems to be well-ventilated and it is not particularly hot inside...but that's not what the temperature readings on these software are telling me...before I blow up my brand new system, I need your help in figuring this thing out!!!!
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  1. The ASUS series motherboards have a messed up Tjunction for some reason, so ignore that (My P5B + E6400 reads 125 degrees celsius (!!!!) Tjunction).

    Don't turn down your fans, because that will make your system hotter...

    Run TAT in Administrator mode on Vista. It doesn't do it by default.

    The AI suite is mildly amusing and occasionally wrong. It is, however, accurate on my system... for some reason.

    Go to your BIOS and disable any changes you may have made (IE: C1E or overclocking).

    Update your BIOS and AI suite to the latest version.

    Disable AI tuning.

    Make sure your CPU fan is working fine.

    And I would recommend undoing all the changes you made to AI suite. It doesn't seem to work very efficiently. AI Nap actually made my system hotter (Even though it is supposedly "cool")

    Oh, and are you running your memory at 1.8v? For some reason I think Asus turns down the memory voltage which causes lower performance...

    And make sure your CPU voltage is set to auto, that should reduce some heat (but also some performance).
  2. Quote:
    I can't run TAT. after installing TAT, it gives me some BS 'requires administrator password ' error, despite the fact that I AM the administrator.

    Yeah, you have to right click on the launch icon and select run as administrator. It's part of the UAC of Vista. Being an administrator isn't like it was back in XP.
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