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Hi! once i did a start-up message using the registry and now i dont know how to remove it. Anyone know's how? this message appears after bootup before the windows GUI loads. This message is slowing my start-up because i have to stay pressing 'ok' in order let windows load.
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  1. Go to Start - Run - type MSCONFIG

    Click the Start Up Tab.

    Look familar?

    When you boot into windows, you should have a check box to mark to not display the box at start.

    Can you get a screen shot of the error and post it via Photobucket or something?
  2. i dont get any errors i did the msg 4 fun so that if someone turns on my pc he/she reads it and maybe switches it back off...... i when to the start-up tab in the msconfig but i dunno which one? winlog.exe? sndcfg16.exe? ctfmon.exe? (the others i know for which programs they are). There is one entry without any start up entry or command but their is the location. bdw this msg comesw before asking for the password..... Thx Ryan:)
  3. Now you know why software writers are supposed to create DOCUMENTATION!
    If you are SURE that it is in the registry, Start - Run, regedit, and do a search for your message. If you find it, it may refresh your memory on what you did. Be CAREFUL!! :cry: If you delete the wrong thing you can trash your installation.

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