All my files corrupted!

I think this is the right to put this.

Ok, So I was trying out Windows Home Server 30 day evaluation. When it came to a end, I was asked to activate it by buying a CD which I didn't intended to do, I just wanted to make a backup up of my files stored on the home server . Unable to find a way around this, I inserted my Ubuntu Live CD in order to gain access.

I reached the desktop, went to “places” and mounted the drive which had all data (I never clicked on any of the files to check they were working at the time) I connected my external hard drive and copied all my files across. (I am presuming this is where the error/corruption took place).

I decided to give WHS one more try as during the first period I was away for 3 weeks so never have proper chance to try it.
I installed a new installation wiping my drive in the process, when the installation was complete I copied the files back over from external hard drive to the home server.

However all files now seemed corrupt in one way or another. Jpeg files have no prievew and when opened they are blank even though their file sizes are correct.

Video files, for example in ubuntu say “Could not determined type of stream”

Documents show up blank, however I have some of the exacte file stores elsewhere and the files sizes are the same?

Applications (.exe) open then shut down with in a second.

I am stumped, I can understand some files being corrupted but every single files does not make sense, even though they seem perfectly intact.

I have read the problem could be due to the header of each file, but I have no idea how to correct this.

Any help would be great, thanks
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  1. It seems the external hard disk is in corrupted state. Hopefully you cannot recover any useful data from the External Hard Drive.
    Use some recovery software & try to recover the data from the parent hard drive itself!
    You can get almost all of the data!
    All the best!
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