root kits and mini dump logs

While trying to assist someone with a stop error I found that
It is possibly something different than I had thought.
From what I can understand the wave of the future is to place viruses in rootkits to make them nearly impossible to detect.
Even the anti virus progs aren't detecting them but they have cures for them if done individually.
I will post a few listings at the end of this post for your reading. Even Msoft has a article about one or possibly more of these exploits.
I have a couple of questions to get started
How to create a mini dump log.
Can this be done even though I personally dont currently have a problem?
Is there a prog. to reveal what rootkits may be on your system?
Is there a listing of rootkits both good and bad?
I remember SONY put one out at one time that had music afficinados P.. off
Please be specific as the original poster above will be tracking this as he possibly is a current victim

Below are some of the things that I have read to make me interested.
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  1. the best way to find rootkits installed is with a root kit revealer, however the best way is to trap the hacker in its shoes and contact their service provider with proof as I have mentioned before in several post.
    nmap and wireshark and run a wireshark to check who is sending request to you for info. Their IP will show up trust me then use nmap to get their service provider, IP and client name and that is the end of the asswipe that is hacking, matter of fact I just got one the other day he must be pissed that I know who he is and in no time the hackers get to know you and your IP and stay completely away from your IP user name ext.....the best security is what you know and I have given you a solution to really help the internet to be safer for everyone. with the info you can flood the crap out of them and they will be redoing their systems
  2. here is how easy it is so you see if this ip keeps trying to connect I could report it but I let things go as far as it can go
  3. does anyone got exerience with AVG anti rootkit, is this program effective when it comes to reavling rootkits ?? It's free anyway..
  4. thaks gomer Ill give it a try. Ive never really dealt with rootkits before and Im relativly certain I have none. Iran the avg antirootkit prog yesterday and it said I had none. I ran it real quickly at full system but I will run it in safe mode when I get a minute. Ive been downloading a big torrent that is almost finished so I know I didnt give the program its best chance.
    I have been getting a few knocks on the door on zone alarm so Im going to trap the address and find out whos there.
    Are there any rootkit revealers that can be run at bootup so as to find one berfore it has a chance to hide itself?
  5. Thats where wireshark comes in handy if it does hide, wireshark will display an "act" TCP connect for an source and the destination will be your IP, thats because the badguy has changed your dns to host their IP on your computer, so in affect they got control of your IP now. now you can trace the ip the same way I did to get the user service provider then contact the service provider and almost right away that iP will be out of service until the user contacts their service provider to get connected again. alternately use net user in nmap net user to break into their system and puck them up, their whole reason is to steal information and that info needs to go somewhere and that is where wireshark can help you get the problem to go away. I figured out that these people are using TELNET protocols to move information along the packets. Lastly use nmap to do a large port scan and ip ping and their systems crash everytime, over load of scans, so now they have to reboot their network and in the process they loose every dam thing HAAHAAa happy frickin new years you worthless scumbags. I can be cocky now for what I know
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