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So I got myself this: i7 920, P6T Deluxe, 6GB Crucial CAS7 1.5V DRAM, HD 4870 1GB....
Three questions:
1) Asus Express Gate is very sluggish....will I be able to update, or install drivers for it when I install an OS so that it can run smoother? As much as I like the ability to jump online within seconds, its kind of annoying to have things jump around.

2) I have Vista 64 Ult to fully appreciate the hardware...however my love for Kubuntu is still strong :love: so what is the best option to have these installed? Run each from their own HDisk, put Kubuntu on an esata drive, or old fashioned partition on the main drive? I might be running RAID in the future (not on the main disk though) so I assume I have to turn the controller on from the begining...any issues there?

3) How compatible in your opinion will the system be with Kubuntu, especially if I want to run Beryl & Compiz ?

I know someone will say "just stick to Vista", but I prefer to have the flexibility of being able to browse through basic tasks with the ease, beauty, and safety of linux. Especially if its not me doing the browsing, but some kid over at my house :fou: !

Thanks for all your input!

p.s. my old PC's HD failed, could this have been contributed by the presence of linux? any extra strain that all those partitions linux creates put on the disk? (5yr old drive, so prob not)
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  1. 1) ?

    2) Put linux on one internal SATA disk and windows on another, that your best bet. The 2nd best solution is to partition a single drive and split it between the two.

    3) The 4870 will probably have driver issues but should be improving, if you had gotten an nVidia card you would have been fine.

    It is very unlikely that Linux had anything to do with your drive failing, drives fail all the time. In fact Linux should normally put less of a strain on hard drives than windows would under similar usage.

    Good luck :)
  2. 1. Express gate is loaded from BIOS and is an image provided by Asus to match your board. I'd have a look on the support site and make sure that you have the latest bios on your board. i7 is still very new so there will probably be quite a few updates over the next few months whilst they tweak it in.

    2. Second the idea of Linux on its own disk.

    3. Keep an eye on the support site for new drivers, again the latest kit takes a little while to be supported.
  3. Thanks you for your inputs guys!

    I will order another drive soon, and begin experimenting!
  4. Since the P6T Deluxe has several PCI-Express slots you could install an nVidia card as well and use both. :)

    That would let you use the nVidia card under Linux and the ATI card under windows until the drivers become available and stable.

    ATI also has issues with drivers on windows. I did hear good things about the 4870 though and I have been considering getting a 4850 myself despite the driver issues I expect to have. :)

    I have used two different VGAs in a system before and it worked. :)

    Some not so bad nVidia cards are selling for $30 to $90 on Newegg 8600 GT - 9800. They are not as good as the 4870 but they are affordable, work pretty well and have pretty good drivers for Linux, BSD and windows.

    Good luck :)
  5. Normally I'm very down with your suggestions but two cards just to get round driver issues??? The price I'm paying per kWh I'll stick with my onboard solution and accept the crappy performance!

    Does beg the question though, what is the best card under linux at the moment?
  6. Nvidia cards work fine for me, though I do have to create an xorg.conf file to get the correct resolution. (Mind, I get the same problem with OpenSolaris, so no sweat.)
  7. VGAs do not consume very much power at all when idle.

    The major damage is done in 3D mode when the card is working hard.

    Semper Fi :)
  8. ^ But IGPs are good
  9. Good way to remind yourself not to be so tight when you buy the next rig :(
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