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Canon G3 L350 laser fax driver issues. :(
Trying to use the fax as a printer....... installed the serial cable and the XPsp2 says yes found hardware. have no cd, so did a google for drivers, xp driver for this model is a update from win2000 driver, so downloaded 2000 driver + xp driver. on install of 2000 driver for this fax model, it will start to install, much the same as any other software... then a windows box comes up with the red X in the corner, says "canon fax setup:_INS5176._MP-bad image.
below this header of the box it says .... "the application or DLL C:\windows\system32\CISIF.DLL is not a valid windows image. Please check against your installation diskette"

I dont have any soft that came with the machine as i bought it 2nd hand. Im stumped and would be greatful for advice. thanks.
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  1. Try uninstalling driver and hardware first the clean the registry then install this driver

    Then install the hardware after driver is installed and restart.
  2. just search for files in system partition in that moment when erorr window comes up and copy paste in it file path. If I remember few files that need for installation are in temp folder or something like that.
    If someone knows how to install in linux or with usb to parallel cable please let me know.
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