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In preperation for an interview next week, I re-installed Windows Vista on my HP laptop, after removing all the bloated garbage that HP pre-install (which required Regedit!), and then configuring the OS the way I wanted, I started thinking "Hmmm... Without all the Cr@p, Vista isn't so bad after all"...
OMG :o I need Help, I'm being tempted from the true path.
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  1. Hah! Maybe that is why you keep using the
    instead of the much more sensible \n when you intend to create new lines on your text!

    In all seriousness though I will submit the following: vista is not terrible, it just isn't good enough to make me want to buy it when I have a perfectly good copy of XP that I haven't used in months thanks to good old Linux. I have had to do some stuff with vista on my dad's new laptop, and while it isn't terrible, I just HATE the arbitrary interface changes, and since there is no way for me to change it to something a little more sane (in my opinion) I will just choose not to buy it. Win7 seems to be going even further with the arbitrary changes, so I will most likely elect not to purchase that OS either.

  2. The
    thing seems to be a bit of a problem of late, I know one of the mods is trying to explain it to the developers.

    Only reason I'm on Vista is for work, if it was just play then Linux all the way. Have to say though that on the whole I'm not finding it that bad an experience, I just have to sacrafice three kittens a day and it seems to stay crash free..
  3. They're letting you off easy over in the UK, the US version requires human sacrifices, daily prayers to the almighty Gates and regular blood donations to M$.
  4. Actually, over at my house we hold daily vigils to Ma'at and Ba'al. At first it was kinda fun, but after sacrificing your 10th black ram and yearling calf, it gets really expensive. Not to mention the fact that these damn things leave a HUGE mess when you pull their hearts out. Just be grateful you don't have to do what we do because eating all those raw animal hearts is wreaking havoc on my digestive tract!

  5. @MrLinux Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 10 and the latest BSD should keep you on the right path. :)

    I still recommend Linux, BSD and Unix for serious stuff and XP for windows games.

    Semper Fi, carry^H^H^H^H^H Linux on :)
  6. ^H^H^H???
  7. ^H=backspace. A common Unix joke.
  8. I feel stupid ;)
  9. Does he mind? [/Obvious joke]
  10. We all feel stupid sometimes - it's whether we act stupid that matters. ;)
  11. Well, the Interview turned out to be a complete waste of time...
    looks the the Great Spirit of Free Software is angry with me.
  12. Don't despair the market is not functioning properly worldwide at the moment.

    It will improve, eventually.

    May the source be with you :)
  13. I'm getting to the point where I think the best chance of getting back into work is to make a job rather than find one.
    I spent this afternoon re-building my KDE development machine, I'm currently building a Kicker app to monitor disk access (like the XP network status thingy, but for disk drives) just to get back into it.

    I still got it, and it sure feels good to be using it...
  14. Hang in there!!

    I lost my job last Christmas and then spent 6 months looking for an IT gig. I found one in the summer and lasted 4 months there before the quality of the software I was working with drove me to madness and I left the job. I didn't have another job to go to and got home just in time to see the BBC and CNN coverage of the credit crunch kicking into full effect. Eeeek! Not good.

    Today was my first day in my new job. Way easier to get to, larger company with better prospects and a little bit more money than I was on. This time it only took me six weeks and two interviews to land. This lunchtime I had a call offering me an interview for another job that I had applied for a few weeks back.

    I'm good, but hardly head hunt material. Just a competent tech with good business and customer service skills. I'm not going to say it's a great time to be looking but there IS work out there. Keep positive and make sure your CV sounds positive. I re-wrote the intro to mine and it got near instant results for it! Remember also that it's a numbers game, you might only get a 1% hit rate from applications to interview - Send 100 and you'll get one, same applies to interviews....

    You will get there....
  15. Your open source skills may actually help you get a better job.

    In the current market the fact open source is free means companies can save billions by using FOSS software.

    Good luck :)
  16. amdfangirl said:
    I feel stupid ;)

    Nah, don't. You're a bunch younger than the rest of us here and haven't had as much time to learn things.
  17. I second what MU_Engineer said.

    Now we just need to get you away from apple ;)

    Semper Fi :)
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