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I have a Packard Bell Legend 300CD that was running Windows 3.1. I tried to restore to factory settings to give it someone else. It now starts to boot, flashes Windows 95 screen, then goes to a "C:\" prompt and no longer reconizes the CD drive. How can i get this working again? Was hoping to get it back to 3.1 but anyhting is better then this.
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  1. How did you restore it to Win 3.1? Win 3.1 needs drivers for most hardware like CDs, sound cards, network cards, etc.
  2. This computer was originaly Windows 3.1 and was running it. I tried to clear everything off it and get it back to factory setup. I used a "master CD library" disk that I had for it and the above happened. Don't understand were the 95 screen came from myself. Any help is most appriciated.
  3. AFAIK, Win 3.1 never came on CD, only floppies.
  4. Quote:
    AFAIK, Win 3.1 never came on CD, only floppies.

    Yep -- 8 3.5" floppies IIRC -- so about 11 -12MB for the entire install set so doubtful they would have released it on a CD since not many systems had CD drives at that point.
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