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I have always used Norton Ghost in DOS for backups.
Lately I have been trying the trial version of Acronis TrueImage 11. My initial impression is positive. But I have one question:
For experimental purposes I backed up a 120 gb HD. I then restored it on a 160 gb HD. When I checked the properties of the 160 gb disk after restore, its capacity read 120 gb. It seems Acronis TrueImage formed a partion with equal size to the source disk and the rest of the 160 gb disk is unused.

Norton Ghost scales the drives and size of the source and target drives is not important.
Is there any parameter I should adjust in Acronis TrueImage to get the same results?

BTW, when I backed up a 160 gb drive and restored it on a 120 gb drive there were no problems.
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  1. Check the Help section in Acronis, it says one restore option is Sector by Sector that will restore both used and unused space
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