Good SCSI/SAS diagnostic utility?

We don't need anything quite as robust as SCSI Toolbox. We require a reasonably priced (or free) utility that can run a basic diagnostic suite (surface verify, read/write verify, reset mode and error pages, flash firmware) on multiple arrays and/or JBOD at the same time. STB is nice, but dramatic overkill for our basic requirements. We just want something that can diag a bunches of drives and reset mode pages and non-critical errors. We've tested a couple of utils that can do what we want, but they can only do one drive at a time.

Any recommendations?
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  1. dude, we may have the utility you need.
    basic SES diag, fw upgrade, disk r/w test and smp reset.
    contact me freely if you need it.
  2. Believe me, I would love to contact you!

    ...if you would be so kind as to provide me with your contact information ;-)
  3. Santools. They have SCSI/SAS fibrechannel, SATA diags including JBOD (SES) enclosure management, firmware flashing, full SES, statistical log page dumps, even threshold monitoring.

    They have ports for LINUX, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, basically all the unix versions, as well as Windows, all with various 32 and 64-bit builds. Last time I checked, pricing was $90 USD for single copy.
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