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I want to copy/backup a half a gig of files from an old machine. Details follow:

Copy the following contents to a thumb drive, CD or other bulk media. Too much for 3.5" diskettes.

C: 5356 file(s) 180,011,581 bytes
D: 3111 file(s) 166,356,384 bytes
E: 3523 file(s) 24,310,451 bytes
F: 3857 file(s) 68,032,105 bytes
G: 0 file(s) 0 bytes

Total: 15,847 files, 438,710,521 bytes
Under 16,000 files, under 500Mb.

Old machine, 486 (Pre-Pentium I) chip, 20Mb RAM, 2 hard drives.
1 hard drive has C:
1 hard drive is partitioned into D, E, F, and G drives.
A: 5.25” floppy drive
B: 3.5” floppy drive
H: Read-only CD drive.
Operating system is Windows 3.1.

Want drives C, D, E, F drives copied to files, e.g. C_Drive, D_Drive, etc., that preserves each drive’s existing sub-directory structure. G: drive has nothing.

Aram Hollman
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  1. Remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer using a IDE to USB cable.
  2. ahollman said:
    Operating system is Windows 3.1.

    Umm, that must be Windows NT 3.1! Windows 3.1 was just a shell over DOS, and could not read anything other than FAT 16 formatted volumes which are limited to 2GBs each. . .
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