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GA-N650sli-DS4 and e4300

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May 10, 2007 10:44:02 PM


I had a DS3 which didn't work out; after about 3 weeks, the HDD controller said seeyah later... then it stopped posting, no matter how long and what method you reset the cmos... So, thought i might try the SLI-DS4! Review was pretty good elsewhere, so i thought why not! DS3 I achieved 336FSB, 1.375V CPU and hit a wall HARD. No amount of Voltage would budge a thing - RAM, NB, Gmch, voltage maxed, tried in both BIOS & easy tune.

SLI-DS4 - so far i have been able to post at 300... and that was only twice. Then, I tried dropping it a bit... nope, no post. a bit more? no, no post. C'mon, 266? NOTHING! This is running multi at 6, and ram at 1:1 and every combo upwards. Currently running stable 220.... yay.

E4300 with Ninja rev. B - nice n cool
Patriot DDR2 6400 PDC22G6400LLK running 2.2V and 4-4-4-12 manual all other ram settings default.
500W P/S
bios - every bell and whistle disabled and manual voltages for all. Tried from +0.0 to about +.3 on all mobo components... no help apparently.

any ideas? I have read all the stickys, and lived on other forums for a while now, so I know a little about the basics...

This board should go no problems to about 450 from other reports.


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May 13, 2007 2:00:19 PM

hi. i have same mobo with 6600+artic cooling 2x1gb ddr2 800 cheap princeton at 1.8v and i go every day use stable at 3000mhz with ram 800 4-4-4-12 at 1.8v voltage for 6600 default at 1.325v.max fsb 400 with 8x multiplier 3200mhz more test ...i don`t have much time.deactivate all option for procesor in bios such virtualization ,c1e,enhance... etc and then try .before the 6600 i try the board with 4300 and run 9x266 with default voltage and run smooth.maybe if you try with anthoner procesor?i think you have same revision on mobo like mine 1.0 so remain the procesor and ram.try change proc or even ram
May 13, 2007 4:31:10 PM

Thanks for the suggestions,

I have since been able to get it to 285 stable, but still... that is very disappointing for a board such as this!
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May 14, 2007 9:16:43 AM

Yeah, i have same combo (only Crucial Ballistix 6670MHz kit) and OC'd to 3.0 (9*333, tried default voltage and 1.375V), everything is stable (I have also latest BIOS, F5) but when I restart system, it shuts down. Then I turn it on, it shuts down again. Third time I press power-on button, system
Help? Anyone?
EDIT: CPU is stepping B and great overclocker, but even lousiest of them should hit 3.0GHz without problems...
May 20, 2007 12:25:24 AM

Presently running FSB at 425.....unlinked with the RAM set to 427...850.
I turned the voltages up ...DDR to 2.2
NB/HT Link Volt...+0.35
FSB Volt.............+0.35
VCC12_DL Volt...+0.20
CPU Volt..............1.5000
Turned off all the Fan monitoring...
CPU multiplier still at 8....FSB down one notch to 4.
The temps are low 40's under normal conditions and reach 48 under stress.
No Problems problems with memtest/PI...hell there are no problems
Looking for a new CPU cooler and then aim to explore the possibilities of the RAM reaching 1000 with an FSB of 500.
May 20, 2007 3:29:22 AM

peter, thanks for showing what yours can do. What processor do you have? I bought a new GFX card - sapphire X1900GT, to see if that was an issue. Initially, everything looked good, but then the system started having errors at 300 fsb... I think that it is either my mobo or cpu... Anyone have any ideas about what i could do next? This is starting to really annoy me!
May 20, 2007 9:43:23 AM

Thnx for posting this, I suspected voltages are what was holding me back...
I'll try your setup and see.
Aren't those a bit high? For 24/7 work, I mean? Won't they stress MoBo a bit too much?
PS: I'm currently running at 9*366, so 3.3GHz at 1.42V, HTT +0,05V, everything else on normal (it's stable) and I'm trying to hit 3.5 GHz but it just isn't doing it for me...
Restarting stopped after I've added +0.05V to NB/HTT.
May 20, 2007 2:39:14 PM

I gues the sig did not show........
running with a E6420 chip and Patriot Extreme Performance LLK 2x1gb of DDR2-6400 RAM with timmings and 2.2v
The RAM should be able to run at 1000 with timmings.
Using Raid with 2 Seagate Drives,7800GT video,2 DL DVD burners and a Hauppage TV card,an ANtec P160 case with an Antec 500w PSU.
I had read the review on VR Zone and basically followed it to the letter.
I increased the Volts and then started increasing the FSB in 25 increments.
I have had it up to 475 before it crashed in XP....I dont use the Gigabyte Overclocking program....I use the BIOS.
May 20, 2007 9:04:44 PM

I understand, but I'd still be worried about those voltages. You've pushed them up to the max...that' can't be all that healthy in the long term, can it?
May 20, 2007 9:24:46 PM

Most likely not..........but I have an AMD 64x2 3800 chip on an Abit AN8-SLI running OC'd with higher than normal voltages for about a year and a half now.That ones running off an Enermax PSU with G.Skill Extreme DDR-400 Ram @ cooled with a Thermalright SI-97A and a Panaflo 92mm.
Got it running at 8x300 with the RAM in sync...but had to relax the timings to temps are in the low 40's normally but under full load it goes to hi 40's.Noticed lately its gotten a little too warm at times so one day I'll be re-applying the Thermal Paste....worst part of the assembly process to me.

I usually try for hi FSB/RAM at a set voltage and slowly reduce voltage till it wont start....then reapply the last voltage that worked.If I find temps too high I lower FSB/RAM and start the volt adjustment cycle again.
May 21, 2007 2:15:45 AM

ok, i have been reading everywhere that F5 bios does so much better...but I though what the hell, and tried F4 - and viola, it made things so much better... I got it up to 340 FSB (x9) which is I think the limit of my chip... that was my limit on my last board. So, I don't know what the hell happened... but F4 works better for me!
May 21, 2007 7:46:32 PM

:lol:  Ok for anybody who is still interested
I was double checking temps on my system and stuck the probe from the case into that copper Heatsink on the NB........74celsius!!!!!!!!!!
I felt that was a little on the hot side so I started to turn voltages down while keeping FSB/Mem/Multipliers the same....
I reached an unbootable system and turned the volts up a notch.
DDR volt............................+.20.......that 2.00v where the RAM can be 2.2
NB\HT link volts..................+0.25
FSB volt.............................+0.25
Sothbridge volt...................+.2
VCC12_DL volts...................+.10
CPU volt..............................1.48
I know its not much of a reduction from my previous hi voltage but
The CPU temp went down to mid 30's reaching hi 30's under loads(testing) and the temp on that copper haetsink dropped 10 degrees to 64/64 celsius
This is all using the stock heatsink/fan that came with the E6420 chip.
I am still looking for a decent almost quiet heatsink for this unit.I like thermalright but I haven't found much new about them lately.