weird click sound from PC after I over clock CPU?

I heard a weird click sound from the PC. This sound occur occasionally after I over clocked my single core CPU to 3.32GHz from 3.2GHz.

Could it be the fan slow down / speed up depending on temperature?
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  1. If your sure it's coming from the cpu the fan is the only this it could be, it's the only thing with moving parts.
  2. You probably want to find out exactly where its coming from. Someone in one of my threads suggested that you get a card board tube maybe one from a papertowel roll and put it up to your ear and pinpoint where the sound is coming from.

    Didn't use this method but I had the same problem. Not sure if it was before or after I OCed but I noticed it within the last few weeks. Didnt bother me until now and it turned out to be a case fan. I replaced the case fan and no more annoying clicking noises.
  3. Sounds like you might have a cricket in your computer. JK I had this happen long time ago never did find the cricket.
  4. Quote:
    You probably want to find out exactly where its coming from...

    That is the first thing i would do because it could make well come out from your hard disk(s)!
  5. the clicking sound isn't from my HD. it came from my 5700 FX Nvidia card. The fan stop momentarily because I over clocked it to 72MHz. sheesh. this card is old.

    It is no wonder my PC crash. The graphic card can't handle the higher frequency.
  6. Holy crap! Even a 6600 vanilla will own that card, time to upgrade dude. I just replied to your other post and an OC'd video card is what I suspected.

    -The String
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