Heat Problem with new build

I recently put together a system for the first time and everything seemed to be running fine. The other day when i had two games running (WoW and CS:Source) the comp restarted with no warning.

I had a friend tell me it could be overheating. I downloaded intel's temperature monitor and it after running the 100% load test the both cores kept rising to close to 90 degrees C.

I've checked to make sure that I seated the heatsink properly and I belive that I have done so. I don't have any extra thermal past applied as I'd seen several places that its not necessary on the newer processors as they have it pre applied.

Listed below is the hardware I'm using. If anyone has any suggestions about what could be causing this(or how to fix it) I'd appreciate it a lot.

Intel Core 2 4300
GIGABYTE GA-965G-DS3 LGA 775 Intel P965
NZXT Apollo
VGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT 256MB
G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
THERMALTAKE TR2 500W Power Supply ATX12V V2.0 - Retail
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  1. Sounds like you are not overclocking, and using the stock cooler. How is the rest of the build, fan wise. Yes that is WAY too high and I suggest you do not run it that way unless needed to test the fix.
  2. Fan wise everything is stock. The video card has the stock fan and the case only has the two (120mm) fans that came with it (one side one rear).
  3. The side should be sucking in and the rear blowing out. If it will fit, a case fan in front will not hurt. Does the PSU have a fan or two?
  4. The back and side fan are working as they should be.

    The PSU has just one pointing down over the cpu.
  5. One thing I noticed was that the frequency given by the Thermal Analysis Tool is 1809 and on another post in this forum the same processor had lower temps but was running at only 1800. Is it possible that some bios option that I haven't configured properly could contribute to the heating problem?
  6. Quote:
    I had a friend tell me it could be overheating. I downloaded intel's temperature monitor and it after running the 100% load test the both cores kept rising to close to 90 degrees C.

    :shock: Wow... 90C?

    Does that help verify that CoreTemp .95 for E4xxx CPU have a max temp of 100C?? Or perhaps it is 85C?? :lol:
  7. Yeah from everything I've heard that number is ridiculously high...

    I reseated the Heatsink and the comp booted to a temp of about 55-56C while idling. Before the number was around 61-62 so i guess thats a little bit of improvement. I'm going to go buy some new thermal paste tomorrow and see if that helps things any.

    I haven't really messed with the bios very much yet. Is there a voltage setting that i could have wrong that could cause the processor to run a little bit faster (1809 MHz) and be part of the cause of the higher temperature?

    Thanks for the help and input,

  8. Well.. in your case, at stock settings your temps should be allot lower. So I'm guessing it is the HSF installation.

    You might want to be sure, if the HSF with the 4 plastic pins are in all the way, and that you can see them on the back of the MB.

    I currently have an E4300 OC to 2.4 ghz, and TAT or CoreTemp .95 at idle is 42C/44C for Tjuction temps. The Tcase is 21-23C for the CPU. The loads (prime95) are 60-61C max, and the Tcase gets 45-47C.
  9. The CPU fan is always turning on is it, or does it pause until the CPU get warm?
  10. Al- The fan is on all the time and I've never noticed it stop (I have a clear window and have checked to make sure it is running).

    Grimmy- I was a little hesitant about pushing extremely hard on the motherboard so its possible that one of the pins may not be in all the way. I'm running to the store later to buy some new thermal paste. After I apply the new paste I'll make sure all 4 are fully inserted.

    Thanks for the help guys, I'll try and post an update later tonight or tomorrow after I get the paste/reseat the heatsink.
  11. Check the vcore voltage. BIOS may have the wrong default settings. If you have a temperature multimeter you can check the temp. Sometimes the internal probe might be bad and causes it to see 90C and restart the comp if BIOS has protection on it. Also check the cpu fan rpm in the BIOS should be relatively high. You definitely need to apply the thermal paste correctly. Or maybe the heatsink is not installed correctly that there may be a 2mm gap between the CPU and the heatsink.

    Or you are living in hell and your ambient temp is 70C. lol
  12. Haha I'm definetly not in hell (at least now that my temp is down lol).

    I managed to go buy some new paste tonight and apply it. After booting up my temps are much more resonable. Even running under 100% load the temp tops out at 51 degrees C.

    Thanks to everyone for your advice. I think the problem was not having the heatsink attached properly. I made sure that all 4 sides were attached fully this time.

    Thanks again Al, Grimmy and Phoenix!

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