home build problem! pls help me! - thanks


Asus M2N32-SLI Delux wireless edition
AMD X2 4600+ (65w edition)
ATI Sapphire x1650XT (Single card)
OCZ Platinum Edition XTC (OCZ2P8002GK) (Dual Channel, 2Gb)
CoolerMaster Extreme Power Duo - 600w
Western Digital 250GB KS model


Both the 24-pin power connector and the 4-pin 12v connector are connected on to the motherboard

No case fans are yet attached + case side panel open

voltages: as far as i'm aware of the voltages are approximatly same as the voltages shown on the manual (pg101-pdf)

changed the Memory ClockFrequency option to DDR2 800 instead of Auto


Attached the power cord and switched on the power supply and as soon i switched on the pc the cpu fan and psu fan spin for a second and the whole system shuts down. Then removed the 4-pin 12v connector and switched on the pc and the cpu and psu fans spin for longer time but no video output and the system didn't switch off from the power button. Then disconnected the floppy and dvd drive power cables (without 4-pin 12v) and same thing happen- fans spin but no video came up. Then reattached the 4-pin 12v and fans spin for a second then the pc shutsdown.

Then moved the video card to the PCIE_2 Slot and switched on fans spin for a second and pc shuts down (4pin 12v attached). Then clearing the CMOS came to mind and success the pc "worked".

Attached the floppy and dvd-rw and switched on and the system worked and changed some bios settings (only the Memory ClockFrequency i changed )

but while i was running the motherboard test the system shuts down.

cleared the cmos for some other times and load the testing program and pc shutsdown.

now i was thinking of updating my bios to version 706 (current 603) but my concern is that i'm affraid that the pc shuts down during the update and will screw the motherboard

my question is does the warrenty covers me if my bios is screwed during the update?

do u think its a power supply problem?

any other ideas ?

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  1. I would look at the CPU and cooler, might be a marginal bond on the thermal paste. Unless the rig won't boot, leave all the setting alone until the build is stable. Test the RAM with memtest86+, might need to bump the vdimm 0.1v
  2. At the moment i'm using the stock cooling and it had a large plastic cap which covers both the thermal pad and the heatsink - removed that cap and installed the heat sink.

    reset the bios with the jumper then the pc switched on stayed in bios for a while

    while in bios changed some basic options to give some time for some tempratures --> intial temp: 25cpu and 27motherboard then rose up to 34cpu and 38celcius motherboard.

    then now i think i'm completly screwed as soon i pressed F10 to exit and save changes, as i pressed enter the pc shuts down

    then reset the bios using the jumper again and didn't switch on so now i think i'm completly f*****

    voltages ->
    vcore - 1.28v
    3.3v - 3.28v
    5v - 4.97v
    12v - 11.77v
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