The Case of the Invisible New Hardware...

Here's the problem: I just went to install the most recent NVidia drivers for my 8800gts (the card is not just being installed, it's been in this PC for about 3 months w/out any problems) when a prompt comes up at the beginning of the install and tells me that there's some kind of hardware installation going on and that needs to finish before the driver update can proceed. The kicker is, I'm not installing any hardware, nor can I find anything that looks like a hardware install in the process list in task manager. I'm running Vista Home Premium and all the hardware that is currently plugged in has been installed already... I don't get it. Also, just because, I went to the add new hardware wizard in the control panel and it gave me a similar error -- You can't install two pieces of hardware at the same time. What is this magical phantom hardware? Anyone have any idea? :heink:

I'm running an EVGA 680i with 2 GBs Corsair XMS, EVGA 8800GTS 640MB, Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA drive, a D-Link Wifi PCI card, two different Samsung monitors, logitech G11 keyboard and G5 mouse, that's it. This has all been installed and has worked fine for the past several months, so I'm at a loss. This'd be a lot asier to solve if I was actually installing hardware...

If you need additional info let me know, I'll be happy to give it.

TY in advance.
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  1. Well, the problem magically went away, so there's the good news. The bad news is I don't know why it's fixed, so I can't help anyone with a similar problem. Anyway, just an update to let you all know.
  2. The problem has returned, again while trying to install NVidia drivers... Same symptoms, still don't know what the problem is...

    If anyone has any advice, please respond.
  3. At this point, I'd go through the Devices one by one to see if there's one that doesn't have a driver. Vista may be looking for it in the background.. Potential targets may be a RAID controller you aren't using and things like that.
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