Inet connection fails on win2k machine

I have a win2k desktop station. I had set the screensaver to lock after 10 minutes of inactivity in an effort to monitor/control when my son uses the computer. (he's been visiting inappropriate sites so we need to monitor his usage now).
Anyway...he figured out how to turn off the the screensaver lock and was simply turning off the monitor so his father would not know that he was still signed on to the internet.

my solution was to enable the screensaver to lock with a password after 12 minutes. Next i went into group policy editor and (sorry i'm at work right now and do not have the exact category).....but i believe i went under user configuration /admin templates/control panel/display and disabled the screensaver. As a result now if you go to control panel you no longer see the screensaver tab. So now, my son will no longer be able to disable the screensaver lock.

My problem is that now if i click on the internet browser icon......the browser opens, it says its connecting to the msn home page but then it fails to connect and display the page or any page for that matter. This workstation is hard wired to a router and it does show that the router is up. I also can make a successful wireless connection to to the internet using my vista laptopap top. so i know teh problem is not with the router or the isp.

the control panel was the only thing that i changed in group policy but i find it very ironic and troubling that all of the sudden i can no longer connect to the internet from this station. Perhaps i changed something else inadvertantly?

Any suggestions on where i can begin to troubleshoot? I'm no hardware/network genius - i probably know enough just to be dangerous. First time posting on this forum so go easy on me. :o) I chose this forum becasue i made the edit in group policy on Win2k and i'm concerned that that may somehow be related to my problem.
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  1. It could be that you changed a policy inadvertantly, or maybe you picked up a bug from those inapropriate sites.

    I would:
    Do a full virus scan from Safe Mode with Networking Support (Startup using the F8 key)

    Test your browser in Safe Mode with Networking mode
    (if it works, reboot into normal mode and perform the next step)

    Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced Tab-> and select the Reset Button. This will reset IE to its original settings and get rid of any toolbars and add-ons that might be taking control.

    Try reversing the changes to the screen saver tab policy (though I don't think that this change is the reason).

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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