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My problem is with IE 6 and ME. I have downloaded this program multiple times from the Web. I have checked the help file to verify it's installation but every time that I run the program it gets progressively slower until it eventually lock up the intire computer, not even a mouse, the only way out is to power off the system not even "control, alt, delete works, then wait for system testing upon reenergization.
I have increased the systems RAM memory to it's max which is four times what was originally installed at purchased. I have cleaned out the Start Up file and other memory resident files or programs. My computer is still unuseable. HELP? Is anyone out there familiar with this problem?
C. Carl McConnell
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  1. Don't run IE6 then. You can still download old version of Nestcape which runs fine on ME.
  2. Windows ME has had the misfortune of being buggy and ME still had many bugs by the time support was dropped. I am not saying this is trully a glitch but there have been problems with updating Internet Explorer. Maybe you can try alternatives to IE, like Opera, Netscape and Firefox.
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