Old 939 just as good today

I have...had(it broke) a rig as follows:

A64 3500+ Clawhammer 2.2 Oc to 2.6
eVGA 6800xt ddr 256mb oc to max
2gb corsair value 184-pin 400 pc3200 stock
ASUS A8N SLI Premium
Norwood PSU 15a very bad
Sound Blaster 2
WD 80gb 7200 ide
PlextorDVD/CD Drive(was $80 so it must be good)
Had Big Typhoon cooling it.

Anyway, I mostly play bf2 on almost max settings 1280-1024 with 60+ fps. CS:S was almost max as well, excellent fps. Total war medieval got a little sluggish on low. Oblivion was a horrible.
So i broke to video card and im not sure whether to to a total upgrade to a new socket, most likely intel or am2. Or i could get a 7600gt??? and stick with it as i have no interest in other games as of now.

I cant spend a lot of money $200, im assuming on a new video card becuase im saving but i want a computer agian.
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  1. Here you go get this. Might need to upgrade your power supply.


  2. You will be forced to get a power supply with almost any upgrade you choose with respect to a video card. Below are two suggestions, one is a video card the other is a power supply. The total price was kept to about $200 USD.

    Video card:

    Power supply:
  3. The 7600GT isn't much of an upgrade, I'd say the only reason to replace your 6800 with a 7600 is if you are switching to PCI-e, in which case go for it.
  4. I guess i should clarify. My Nvidia eVGA 6800xt 256mb ddr pci-e broke. No worky no more.
  5. I would kind of agree with HA_ZEE.
    The PSU that you listed is rated for 30A on the 12V rail while theres the 450W Fortron with 29A for $58 and also the Hiper 480W with 28A on the 12V rail.

    With this you can pickup a X1950Pro for about $200
  6. The Hiper 480 is $50 dollars and all the amp ratings were from mpilchfamily's PSU reference list.
  7. I agree with Ha zee get both ...A good PSU is a MUST have!
  8. The power supply I picked is just an example, but as Gundams1 has pointed out there are other excellent PS's available and referencing mpilchfamily's thread would be an excellent way to make a good choice on your own. :)
  9. Unless your budget is set in stone, I agree with the above poster that suggested the 8800GTS.

    I know that there are decent cards for around $200, but if you need to upgrade the PSU, well, to me it would be worth the extra $60 for the gts. If for no other reason than it will be more futureproof. And it may actually allow you to enjoy oblivion.

    But if you only want to play CS:S and BF2, I have a nice 6600GT for cheap that will work just fine.

    I don't see a 7600 as a goo upgrade, though it will do what you want (and I realize you said you gpu is dead).
  10. So my 3500 wouldnt bottleneck the 8800gts at 1280-1024? I read higher end cards only help with higher resolutions. So why wouldnt a 7600gt work good? How much is that 6600gt?
  11. According to my calculations you are exceeding the capacity of your power supply. It should have 22-24 amps on the 12v rails with your present system.
    It has 15, you are overusing at least 5 amps and putting your hardware in danger.
    Please replace ASAP.
  12. Quote:
    I guess i should clarify. My Nvidia eVGA 6800xt 256mb ddr pci-e broke. No worky no more.

    since video card is dead, all you need is a replacement. a 7600gt would be better than your 6800xt and should only cost between $100-130. as far as psu, if it powered the 6800xt, should be ok for the 7600gt. i would at least try it before spending another $50 on a psu you may not need. if everything works out, you can have your pc back working again for $100 and the 7600gt is definitely better than the 6800xt. again, this is a replacement for dead part not an upgrade question people.
  13. If the OP has $200 to spend he can get a card that will last the next 12 months like the X1950 pro and a power supply that won't jeopardize his hardware. Why get a 7600GT when for $40 (assuming he buys the lowest priced cards after rebates from Newegg) more he can get a card that smokes it and not go over budget?

    To answer the original question your current processor would only minimally bottleneck even the top of the line graphics card. I have a socket 939 Opteron 175 paired with an 8800GTS and it hasn't hindered me in anyway. I probably lose a couple FPS compared to a C2D setup.
  14. You can buy a good 6600 GT on sale of less than $50 today. On the other hand, you could get awesome performance with an 8800 and should not worry about your cpu throttling it. You happened to ask the right question on the right day. See today's article at this site:


    They took a basic build with an X2 3800 and upgraded the video card to the 8800 GTX. You can see the performance tests - and how it even beat the more powerful cpu's at higher res and settings. Off course you probably would not want to play over $500 for a video card - but it shows that you should not have to worry about cpu for any card you get.
  15. Another possible replacement would be a ATI 1650 XT which is pretty much in the same league as the 7600 GT but probably a bit better in most cases.
  16. There are several good cards around or under $150 (US) especially if you are playing mostly BF2 genre games. I have eVGAs in 8800GTS 640mb, 7900GT and 7900GS flavors paired with AMD X2 CPUs. On 19" widescreen LCDs there isn't any noticable difference in my gaming experience. While a 7600GT is adequate, a 7900GS for $129 seems a no brainer. I don't see any reason for you to spend a more on the 8800 given your budget, etc. I agree with the previous comments about buying a decent PSU with your savings.
  17. I think your cpu's fine for now I'm running a socket 754 amd64 3200 and it runs oblivion, bf2 and CS:S well I think its the X1800xt that makes the difference so you so dont bother upgrading it you might want to spend a little more now and get a better gpu and power supply for the long term, you can always put em in your next rig.

    I agree with Craxbax go for a X1950GT or a 7900GS they're only $30 more and a decent PSU is a must.
  18. Quote:
    If the OP has $200 to spend he can get a card that will last the next 12 months like the X1950 pro and a power supply that won't jeopardize his hardware.

    Totally agree.

    An X1950 PRO & PSU will get him some real nice milage out of his system, and make Oblivion very playable...
  19. That was my though in the beginning to get a 1950pro/xt. My PSU is also fried and i will soon be updating bother the GPU, which hopefully the prices will drop next week and a new PSU. Just a little reenforcement, the 939 WONT bottleneck my video!?!?!?
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