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Vista's sleep function is supposed to both standby and hibernate, allowing me to lose power. The stand by part of that works fine for me. However, recently, it is not doing the hibernate part. If i kill the power it has to boot completely and complains that vista was shut down wrong. I have ~200gigs of hd free space, so thats not the issue. Any ideas?

Vista home premium.
320gig hd
core 2 duo e6600
2 gigs corsair dominator ram.
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  1. Ummm... In sleep mode, Vista *is* still running. Same with Hibernate: It is still running. Just not much, since it cuts power to the HDD and peripherals. So if you kill the power while it's in sleep mode, you most definitely did shut the system down incorrectly, and therefore it is correct to display an error.

    Bottom line: If you want to shut it off, then shut it Off.
  2. Er no sorry. Hibernate stores the ram to the hard drive, so that it can lose power. In xp that was the case, and for a while sleep did that in vista as well. Its only a recent issue.
  3. Ummm.. Yes - Hibernate is a standby mode. The OS is still running. If you power down directly from that mode, it will give you an error when you restart. So don't power down from Hibernate or Sleep.
  4. Please read up on sleep before posting. Stand by mode puts the pc in lower power state, but maintains enough power for the ram data to persists so the OS can come back in seconds. Hibernate writes a copy of the ram to the hard drive. It can lose power without data lose. It takes more time to come back to the desktop than stand by, but less time than a full shutdown/reboot cycle.

    I have been using hibernate with no power for years with xp, and months now with Vista. Please only post if you have an answer to my question.
  5. How are you "killing" the power? Are you using the power switch or pulling the plug? I have a feeling that with Vista, if you try to hold down the power switch to power off while it is in hibernate, it immediately attempts to come out of hibernate. However, since you're holding the button down to power off (again, just speculation on my part), Vista detects an improper shutdown. If you were to lose power either by pulling the plug or having an actual power failure... then hibernate should do it's thing.

    Just out of curiousity... what do you see when you put the computer in hibernate?
  6. I'm hitting the powerswitch on the back of the PSU. The screen fades to black, and about 30 seconds later it goes into sleep mode.

    Is there anyway I could have accidently disabled the hibernate option? I can't seem to find it in vista like I could in xp
  7. It's a possibility... but I can't remember off the top of my head where to go to change the settings. I think there should be a Control Panel applet for it.
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