Runing Vista files on another computer

I use two windows XP computers to repair peoples computers at work and when i try to run the files from the hard drive it is blocking me out is there a way around this?
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  1. Turn on file sharing
  2. Scotteq said:
    Turn on file sharing

    yes i know that but thats not what i want to do i don't want to view the files i need to run the files on my XP machine directly from the hard drive vista is on, i don't have the computer vista is installed on only the hard drive.
  3. Ah - You have the Hard Drive in your posession which was taken from a Vista machine, and you want to plug it into your XP box and run it.

    I don't think M$$FT Licen$$ing will let you do that. Vista registers itself to the mobo. There might be a way to get around it, but I'm not aware of what that might be.

    What you might want to try is asking in the Vista area of Here nearly everyone is "just" a user. Some of the guys there are pretty serious techs.
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