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I Built a pc a while ago and everything is running fine exept for one minor problem. It only happens when I do a cold boot. My pc will freeze at the windows loading bar only from a cold boot. when I reset it goes through fine. So what I always do is turn it on and hit reset at the motherboard's logo screen. I've never had any issues while running windows. I think is a driver issue because it happens at the loading bar when it's loading windows. I bought another PSU and ram just in case but no luck yet. I also have the latest drivers for my video card and sound card.
Any ideas?


CM Stacker 832 (Black)
6 Fans - 4 on side door/ 1 in front and 1 on top
Corsair 620W PSU
Asus P5B Deluxe
C2D E6400
Zalman CNPS9500
2G Crucial Ballistix (PC2 6400)
Foxconn OC 8800GTS 640MB
X-FI Extreme Gamer
1 WD Raptor 150GB - OS HD
2 WD Caviar S16 250GB - 1 backup and 1 for games
1 External WD 160GB - not connected
ICY Dock Rack - Where my games HD is
Koutech Card Reader
2 DVD-RW drives
Asus 22" LCD
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  1. I had a power blip the other day, and now a very similar thing is happening to me. The computer starts up, gets to the windows loading bar, blue screens (it doesnt last long enough for me to read it or even see if it has text), and then restarts.

    Sometimes it goes in a loop and keeps restarting once it bluescreens. Sometimes it actually boots up. I can always start it in safe mode. Any ideas?
  2. What version of Vista is it. Home, Home Prem. , Ult.?

    32 or 64Bit

    And have you updated your Bios recently?
  3. I have the 32 bit ultimate version. I did update to the latest Bios in hope of solving this issue...
  4. Have you done any overclocking?
  5. I haven't yet, not until I fix this issue. I can't figure it out, I mean is there a hardware that's not ready when I turn it on that first time or a driver....I don't know! It has never frozen while in windows, is just from a cold-boot. If it was a hardware issue wouldn't it freeze before the windows loading bar when it's detecting my hardware. Because it happens when is loading it makes me think it's a driver instead, and I have the latest- then again it's Vista
  6. Im not sure what EXACTLY it could be, but i do know its proooobly in the area of drivers, or the OS just is messed up a tad. Iv installed Vista like 20 times now and its trial and allot of Error to get a flawless install. And things do randomly go bad when drivers are installed. I know that for sure, whenever i install a driver its a 50/50 chance of a blue screen on startup lol

    Did you put any new drivers on recently before this started?
    What was the last driver you put on before this started? (even if it was weeks before)
  7. well, You know what I've should have done. The last time I installed Vista I updated all the drivers right away. I should have installed it and left it like that to see if it happened.
  8. Yea, dont install your drivers right away on Vista.

    Wait until everything else is done on its own and then install them. The Microsoft updates give a little more compatibility i think.
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