So ridiculous,i turn to sales

i plan to work with designing,but now i start to contact with some suppliers
Hasee agrees that i sell PCs for it.
And a ARM9 tools suppliers of china is willing to let me sell its dev kits
I tries to contact TI's largest co-partner in China,to ask them for cooperation
maybe i should try altera of Xilinix
it's a ridiculous world.
the more you need something,the farther you will be from it
is it a truth?
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  1. No.
    Next question?
  2. you asked me for the next question,lol
    i wonder if you need my services.
    i help designing and help sales.the first is technical things,and the other is commercial things.
    i wanna cooperate with any competitive companies or enterprises
    am i doing Business 2 Business services?
  3. Your English is a lot better than my Chinese but the blog is not a smooth read. Whilst there are a few people here that play with development systems I doubt you'll find much in the way of sales through this section, indeed it's not really clear what you are trying to sell. If you can get hold of low cost dev kits and SoC solutions then I'm sure a few people here might be interested in single units as a hobby / play thing.

    You should probably note that the forums of this site are not intended for commercial use and such post normally get pulled by the moderators. Don't forget that people pay a lot of money to advertise on this site so the owners don't want you to get something for nothing!

    This section of the site is dedicated to Linux / BSD and alternative OS discussions and support. You're not really in the right place I'm afraid.
  4. i'm sorry that this is not a place to say everything.
    i will pay attention in future.
    Why should the topic be restricted with technical thing?
    i didn't intend to sell anything here.
    it seems that you don't think high of this topic here
    maybe i should go to the PC test and report region.
  5. It's just VERY unclear what the thread is or what you actually want to discuss. It just does not seem to have any relation to Linux or BSD. If you wanted to talk about which embedded systems work well with linux, how you get something running on a certain processor etc then that's cool. Maybe if you clarified other people will join in, I just wanted to make you aware of the situation. I don't mind that much but quite a lot of people do.

    Anyway how's China doing at the minute? Any news on how Red Flag is going? What about the Snap Dragon RISC processors I read about recently?
  6. here are many users show their laptops?
    is it related to this topic
    i don't wanna argue with anybody,i won't reply this topic.
  7. FWIW, I've been in China for 2 years now, retired here, and Linux does Ok, but XP is used by most, but MS doesn't get any money, all the stores will take Linux off and put a pirated Chinese language XP on for free
  8. The OP doesn't mention Linux or BSD in any post. I still can't figure out what is being asked or said.
  9. @Randomizer - Glad you came to the same conclusions I did...
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