Vista will not boot with 4gigs ram

I just bought vista ultimate 64 bit. when I tried to install it(with 4 gigs ram) it had an error message. I went on my laptop and read some forums. Some people said that they could not install vista with more than 2 gigs of ram. I took out 2 gigs of ram and vista installed perfectly. I shut down my computer and put the ram back in. now when i turn my computer on i get a different error message. How do i get vista to work with 4 gigs?? thanks
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  1. Weird.

    If you have 2 sticks equaling to be 4GB it should work fine... if you have 4 sticks...

    The easiest way to install Vista is 1 stick of memory in it. ONLY ONE STICK!

    then after you install the OS and EVERY update and all drivers then and only then add a new stick. then restart and go to performance and update it.

    If that doesn't work idk what to tell ya.
  2. Firstly, if you have overclocked please set the CMOS back to the defaults. If that doesn't solve anything, or you haven't overclocked, then take out 2 Gigs, and install the following update:

    Boot with the 2 gigs still installed. Then shut down and put the other two back in.
  3. I ran into that problem too and did what Scotted did and worked fine.

    Just follow the steps.
    1) Install Patch
    2) Reboot to Windows
    3) Shutdown
    4) Install remaining RAM
    5) Restart
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