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I have a Intel based 1U rack mount idle at the moment, and I am wonting to put Linux on it and try to get a feel it, having looked at a LOT of distros- which are worth trying?
seems that things in my life change quickly, is there any open source software for supporting a mesh app, seems I may be getting into WiFi
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  1. Take a look at Fedora, Ubuntu and Centos.

    Centos is a good server operating system but Fedora and Ubuntu have better wireless support.

    What are you planning to do with it?

  2. going to a WiFi enviroment (large scale city )with mesh (if you know what that is) , starting my cram course now, already have 2 projects going, luckily other people are holding me up on them
  3. What kind of hardware are you going to use and what kind of apps are you hoping to run?

    Fedora and Ubuntu release new versions every six months and have better hardware support than most other distros.
  4. Mesh support has been in the Kernel since .26. From my understanding the actual MESH nodes are normally connected via good old cable to the router / PC in the same sort of way a WAP would be.
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