In Defense of Vista

This is partly in response to THG's anti-vista editorial posted today. Ever since Microsoft released Vista, all I've heard are negative comments. Everyone likes to bash its instability and lack of driver support. Well I installed vista 64 on my build in late June and let me tell you this: It has worked flawlessly, and, since it takes advantage of multi core systems, runs incredibly fast. In the nearly four months my build has been running, I have experienced ONE hang, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't vista's fault. Nor have I experienced a single driver issue (other than the fact that Nvidia is kind of slow releasing new ones). So why the bad rap? If I had not bought vista for myself, I would certainly think it was utter garbage based on what's on the internet, but in my experience, I like it much better than XP. (and yes, I'm a gamer, I have yet to notice THAT much of a difference between vista and xp, and the gap gets smaller with each driver release, and as hardware improves). So why do some of you hate vista so much? Am I just lucky?
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  1. Yah Rayzor - The bashing does get old. Keeps people from getting bored, I guess. Something to do, and all.

    But Meh - If you had been around when XP hit the market, you saw the same garbage flying around about *that* operating system. OMG!!! They how could they have changed <feature X> blah blah blah.... It's a bloated pig, blah blah blah... It doesn't support blah blah blah... LAWWWWWLLLLL - What a Piece of Garbage because of <BSOD, Freeze, whatever> No Drivers blah blah blah...

    Windows ME really *did* need to be taken out back and shot, tho. And even then, it wasn't *that* bad.

    Been around long enough, and have the same experience as some others around here: Vista at release was BETTER BY FAR than XP was at release. Vista now is BETTER BY FAR than XP was at the same point in it's development. If you don't care to understand or accept that, then don't. Are/Were there teething issues? Hell yes. Are there annoying things people don't like about V? Of course. Is there yet *another* manual to have to wade through?? Yes and Yes.

    If you're just posting about <issue X. in order to start a flame war, cos you're bored and want to start an argument to keep yourself amused. Please don't. It's a waste to bother. If you don't want to use Vista, then DON'T. Use XP! You'll eventually be forced into the upgrade anyhow. If you don't want to use that, then DON'T. Use OS-X ((I have an iPod!! Dude, were's my games...and my money...) Or your favorite flavor of Linux ((Dude, were's my games... and my apps... and my drivers... and my support...) Whatever you like.

    Hint: You'll have to learn a new UI anyhow.

    Seriously: Use whatever operating system you want. And if you're not a gamer you'll be perfectly fine.

  2. From my experience, most issues that users have are created by the user themselves.

    And rather than figure out the problem (and better yet how to prevent it), people just jump to formatting. Then a month down the road, they make the same mistake and now (insert your OS here) is a piece of crap.

    And I read more and more posts of people with opinions that have not used it
  3. It the same story at each new Windows Version. When XP came out, I was part of the first who dive and left behind older Windows 98. Gamer were complaining about XP and today, same story.

    I dive in Vista and I love it to (64 with 4GB and RAID 0). Yes XP is might be better for gaming but Vista will be much better soon too.

    So, don't worry.

    Also, SP1 is comming in a teather near you soon and should fix some issues!
  4. Roger that Loneeagle.

    I am using vista since a year now, first beta's, since six months the final Ultimate.
    Untill now, not much issues, but I have recent hardware.
    Honestly, the beta worked faster than the original, but then again the beta didn't
    have all the features running. I have no issues, well maybe some small ones that
    come with a new OS and will be patched after comments and suggestions by users.
    (This is how it works guys).
    The biggest problem is that third party software and driver suppliers are not completely
    ready for vista. Give it some time.

    Personally I would like to see the Defender changed. I would like to have more control
    over that program.


  5. My only problem is downloading! 99% for 5 minutes for a 100kb file. WTF
  6. I pretty much agree with most of what has been said.

    @Stermnin - I just use Firefox to avoid that dialog from IE.

    But let me add that I was a late adopter of XP. I mean I was still using Win 98SE for quite a while after XP was released. This time around I jumped on Vista and haven't really looked back. Sure it has a few very minor issues for me but I just like it much better than XP. The only real problem was with an ancient sound card (SBLive! 5.1) that forced me to do a reinstall, but it was totally my fault because I was trying to use 'modded' drivers for it.

    MB - ECS RS485M-M
    RAM - A-Data 2GB (1GB x 2) DDR2 800
    CPU - AMD Athlon 3800+ X2 (AM2)
    GFX - ATI X1650XT (Great low end card BTW - Thanks for the recommendation from everyone)
    HDD - Seagate 7200.10 - 250GB
    CD/DVD - LiteOn DVD Combo Drive.

    Vista runs great on this machine and its not overclocked in any way including the GFX card. The 'official' score is a 5.0 with the CPU being lowest and the GFX card at 5.6 - the rest are 5.9.

    I play Oblivion, NWN2, WoW, LOTRO, Guild Wars and Sims 2 on max or almost max settings with AA enabled @ 1280x1024. Vista doesn't seem to be slowing anything down in that area for me.

    Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE Linux and don't mind Macs. I'm just saying its not as bad as most people seem to think.
  7. How long did XP take to run in all it's glory?
  8. physx7 said:
    How long did XP take to run in all it's glory?

    Took about a year and....

    You guessed it!!!

    XP Service Pack 1.
  9. AAAAAAAAha! :sol:
  10. I have been using vista for a couple of months and I haven't ran into major issues but still there is a couple of things that are annoying. Like it or not, Uncle Bill and Friends really like to get their noses in how you should run you're computer and that's rather annoying. Also, the signed drivers thing is extremely annoying. A bunch of programs that works under XP are not working in Vista. I find it bothersome especially if you like to OC you're rig. People will say use F8 when booting and disable the signed drivers option. Not only do I find this annoying but the F8 manoeuvre simple doesn't work on my computer no matter.

    I certainly don't want to sound like Vista is all crappy because it's not but certain aspects of it, I really don't like.
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