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Hello All
I have a Buffalo router, everything is working fine, I can connect on internet, downloads, uploads, i have a LAN between the server, my station and a laptop(wirelessly), but my 2 websites cannot be seen for nobody, I have a win 2003 server, with IIS 6 and beacuse my IP is dynamic I have a redirector DNS server doing it for me. If I connect my server straight from virgin modem, my websites are working fine and everyone can see, but at the point I connect it through the router, nothing can be seen, I did check if all ports are open on router, they are but still not there yet. I dont know what to do anymore, if somebody can help me, please, please do it. Thank you.
Actually just using this thread to do more, a friend told me I can use the virgin connection straight to my server and using two lan cards I use my router as a bridge to the other pcs. Is it possible? thanks again!!!!
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  1. You need to set up port forwarding for HTTP (TCP port 80) from teh router and direct it to the server. What your friend told you is also possible, it's called ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). But if you have a router capable of port-forwarding that is the preferred method.
  2. Hello Calyn,
    I have done both options, but still not working.... I getting mad now ..
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