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problem booting vista

my laptop has windows vista installed and i booted up knoppix 5.01 and used qt parted to split my hard drive partition to make room for a dual boot with ubuntu linux. as far as i know the partition was successful but now vista does not load and when trying to boot up in safe mode it appears the system hangs after showing this last line:

Loaded: \Windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys

the only info on this i found so far was that it might help to remove 1 stick of Ram. I tried that (was previously 4GB but now 2GB after removing one stick) but this does not seem to solve my problem.

It seems likely my partitioning of the drive has something to do with this. i don't want to lose my data or reinstall windows so is there anything i can do to save my current windows installation?
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    Take the hard drive and put it in another computer. Back up your data, then put it back and start over. If you wish to install Linux, make sure your hard drive is partitioned the way you want before reinstalling Windows.

    XP didn't seem to have a problem doing what you've done... but Vista might. (I really haven't worked with it enough to be sure).

    You could also try a repair install... in fact, probably best to try that first... but still be sure to back up your data. There is no guarantee that the repair install will work.
  2. about the repair option: the computer still hangs after booting with the vista dvd disk. i tried rebooting with the same disk on another computer and verified that the disk works and takes me to the install/repair screen but on my laptop it makes it just past the loading screen and then hangs with a blank screen and no hard drive activity, never giving me a chance to run the repair options.
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