Problems with my computer starting

when i start my computer i can hear everything running, but right away my monitor says "no input signal" and then just a black screen, but still runs...any ideas??
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  1. Have you checked the video cable?
    Do you have more than one place to connect the monitor, and did you try them both?
    What did you do right before the problem started?
  2. I'm sorry I dont know what the video cable looks like, but I checked all my connections. My computer only has one spot for monitor hook-up too. In fact, I know it's not my monitor cause I'm using it as we speak...just on a different computer.
    My computer would shut off for no reason. So it shut off on me, and I waited til the next day and tried to turn it back on...and that's when I got the error.
  3. You have some sort of hardware failure. It might just be your video card (if it is a separate card), or it could be something worse. It is hard to tell without more details.
  4. It is due to dust on RAM.. or RAM failure... Please check it
  5. sandeep05 said:
    It is due to dust on RAM.. or RAM failure... Please check it

    Most computers have an indicator to tell when RAM is at fault. Even if it was the RAM, a display signal would still be sent through.
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