My Intel C2D sys temps, correct??

Hi people,

I had researched a lot the past month, trying to know more about overclock, and to obtain the best performance for my system, the guide that help me the most was the excellent core 2 duo temperature guide in this forum, and I think i understand it correctly, to know that im safe with my Oc of 2.8ghz...

And at this point its my doubt, I hope that some experts of this excellent site can help me to know looking at this pictures, if you see my idle and full temps normal?? :roll: :?:

Thanks in advance!


-Ambient is about 25-26c
-Tcase Name temp in speedfan was modified by me because I believe that it is after reading the core 2 duo temp guide. (But is normal that can be lower than the ambient temp?)
-Any observations welcome :wink:
-A doubt? just ask please


Full Load

my sys:

CPU Intel Core Duo E4300 1.8 Ghz
Motherboard GA-965P-DS3 rev3.3
Memory 1Gx2|A-DATA DII667 5-5-5-15
Graphics Card Evga Nvidia 7660 GT
Hard Drive 160 Gb Sata
Sound Card On Board
Power Supply CoolerMaster Extreme 600w
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  1. idle temp @

    load temp @ 55-59c the most... :) i'd trust tat, and coretemp the most...
  2. Quote:
    idle temp @

    load temp @ 55-59c the most... :) i'd trust tat, and coretemp the most...

    mmm you try to tell me that i have similar temps with you?? :?
  3. well yeah lol, and sum ppl said that would be a lil hot... cos ive seen some ppl idle @ 28 n such, but even tho my cpu is a lil undervolted (not in the bios but in real time performance) i think the temps are just right, i was gettin higher temps i 40-45 idle, and i had to reseat my heatsink, maybe when i install a new heatsink for my video card, i'll reseat it again =). but to be honest i think the temps are FINE, since i have it overclocked to 3.0ghz. i have 2 other friends with the same temps. and the same processor.
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