Dual Boot Vista and XP - cannot get bootloader to work

I am having a problem dual booting XP and Vista Ultimate. I have XP Pro installed on one drive (SATA) drive, and wanted to install Vista on a second hard drive (IDE).

I successfully installed Vista, and managed to get it booting. I then wanted to have XP listed on the boot loader so that I could dual boot. I installed a copy of EasyBCD, and configured it from instructions I have found on the web.

The problem that I seem to have is that XP shows on the boot screen, but when I select it gives some errors about NTLDR.

In EasyBCD, I created a second entry for XP, and pointed it to the drive where XP is installed. I did notice that when Vista boots, it does swap the hard drives around, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I tried removing Vista completely, and got the machine back to as was, with just XP .. and then installed again, but still having the same problem.

This is the instructions that I have been following ... http://apcmag.com/5023/dual_booting_xp_with_vista ... the only difference is that I am installing Vista on a separate hard drive, rather than the same drive with a partition.

Can anybody help please .. :-)
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  1. Additional : After the installation of Vista, all the instructions that I have found, say that you should get a boot screen, with vista and a previous version of windows showing .. but all I get is the machine booting straight into Vista.
  2. Vista may not be seeing your SATA controller on the initial setup. If that is the case, then it definately won't see your install of XP on the SATA hard drive. Try installing drivers for your SATA controller when Vista prompts you to install additional drivers.
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